• Sacred Accoutrements

    A wide variety of Crystals; rare to intrinsic. Either tumbled or faceted, Quartz points, and precious stones. Incense, tapestries & flags, plus cards and calendars.

  • Books & Tarot Cards

    Thorough collection of Good Books to Know on spirituality: yoga, astrology, sacred geometry, and other awareness resources. New, used, rare, and rentable items available.

  • Finest Quality Items

    Wind bells & chimes, zafus, magnets and stickers. Feng shui and meditation items. Scented candles, decorative incense holders, and storage containers.

  • Eugene, Oregon

    Located in the free spirited city of Eugene, Oregon. Characterized Home of the Ducks, also known as Track Town City.


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Choose personally from a collection of precious stones and crystalline specimens. Rare items on display, faceted or tumbled in bulk.

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Awareness Resources

An array of wind chimes, bells, prayer bowls, cushions, sacred statues and other tools for conscious living. Continually in-stock.

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Books to Know

Folklore and stories, informational and historical volumes. New, used, or rare all available for review and purchase.

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Central Location

Located on Willamette Street in Eugene, between 13th and 14th Avenue. Click here for contact information & store hours.

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